Pony bead jewelry

Explore a wide range of creative pony bead jewelry ideas to make unique accessories for yourself or your loved ones. Get inspired to create stunning necklaces, bracelets, and more with these fun and easy DIY projects.
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How to Make Cord Bracelets With Beads- Bead Jewelry for Beginners: Today I will talk about cord bracelet again; as the craft tutorial is specially prepared for new hands, which can be searched via words like how to make bead jewelry for beginners, many of dab hands may think it is monotonous; however, I suggest the…

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Digging into a bucket of pony beads always reminds me of summer camp. So when we decided to dedicate this Craft Lightning week to Camp Crafts, and create camp-inspired crafts that can be made in 15 minutes or less, I knew I would be whipping up a simple pony bead bracelet. This one is easy […]

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This craft reminds me of sleepovers with my friends and those lizard keychains we used to make out of beads. It also reminds me of those sweatband cuffs everyone was wearing when I was in high school. Why? Were our wrists sweaty? Supplies: Pony Beads Embroidery Floss, or Stretchy Thread Scissors Tape (optional) Step One: Prep your string. Always cut more than you need because you can trim it off easily. For this craft, you will only need 2 strings. I would cut at least 2 feet of each. Tie…

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