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Discover proven reading intervention strategies to help students improve their reading skills. Find resources, techniques, and activities to support struggling readers and promote reading success.
the four stages of reading flueny practice for students to learn how to read

The best way for disfluent readers to become fluent is by reading! These students need to focus on ACCURATE text reading, use decodable text, repeated readings, systemic daily practice of reading words accurately, modeling of fluent reading and encouraging students to read like they are talking. Students need LOTS of opportunities to read text (at their level) using choral, cloze, echo and partner reading. These are great fluency strategies are for interventions. #fluency #fluencystrategies

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Don't have time in your day to reach every student? My 10 Minute Reading Intervention resource can help you squeeze in lessons that are fast & effective!

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How do you plan for your small group instruction? Do you follow a program where all students receive the same strategies, or do you customize the interventions you teach to meet the needs of your students? As a Literacy Specialist, my students are placed into flexible, target-specific reading groups based on multiple assessments at the beginning of the year. Our pull-out program is very flexible, so targets and groups often change as students make progress and meet their goals. We do not…

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