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Star wars droids

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Star Wars Droid, Paul Adams on ArtStation at https://www.artstation.com/artwork/D5zZ9G

Concept sketches for the droid that accompanies the Star Wars Bounty Hunter. The droid was to look as if he was manufactured by the same company who do the Imperial Probe Droids, but a friendlier version. And he needed to be about the same size as an astromech droid. The rules were scratch build a Star Wars Speeder Bike with a Bounty Hunter Rider. A friend of mine built the final model from my designs and another painted the model. The competition was the Archive-X Speeder Bike Challenge…

IG-88 assassin droid

The IG-88 assassin droid, also known as the IG-88 series droid, was the model of a set of five identical assassin droids manufactured by Holowan Laboratories. Upon their activation, the droids slaughtered their constructors and escaped their laboratories into the galaxy. One of these droids, IG-88B, was an independently programmed IG-88 assassin droid who became a feared bounty hunter during the Galactic Civil War and was typically simply referred to as IG-88. IG-88D and IG-88C were also…

Starwars_Siths on Instagram: “Q: Which Species/Race would you pick? I’m going with Muun  #starwars”

6,174 Likes, 377 Comments - Starwars_Siths (@starwars_siths) on Instagram: “Q: Which Species/Race would you pick? I’m going with Muun #starwars”

Steven Cormann | Survivor

ILM Art Department Challenge 2016, Steven Cormann's submission

assassin probe droid

The SD-K4 assassin droid, also referred to as the Assassin Probe was a model of assassin droid that was used to infiltrate and eliminate enemies with ease. In addition to its sharp pincers, each SD-K4 droid was equipped to dispense large amounts of small assassin droids called Probe Killers, but only if the droid was destroyed. They were manufactured by the Techno Union during the Clone Wars and used by Death Watch in an attempt to assassinate Mandalorian leader, Satine Kryze. Years after…

Star Wars Droids

Bandai 1/12 • BB-8 • R2-D2 • R5-D4 • C-3PO (x2) • K-2SO JPG Productions 1/12 • Mouse Droid • Gonk • Probe Droid • Chopper

Star Wars 1313 Character Concept: S31-10, Alex Lac on ArtStation at https://www.artstation.com/artwork/2xzKGe

The third and final character design for my project. S31-10 is essentially K2-S0 and IG-88 merged into one; a reprogrammed droid gone rogue. I wanted to keep the general bulky shape of the battle droid so the only things I changed to give it individuality were its left arm and leg. For no particular reason I made the left arm similar to that of C3PO's, but made a concious decision to make it's leg IG-88's, as I liked how it looked unfinished with all the visible wiring and joints. In the…