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Expand your vegetable garden with a variety of nutritious and delicious vegetables. Explore the different types of vegetables and start growing your own fresh produce today.
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Cabbage, a leafy green, has a long history first cultivated in Europe several hundred years ago. From being used in soups and curries, it has presently become a preferred health food due to its high nutrient value, used in every possible dish from salads to coleslaw, sandwiches to kimchi. A cup of cooked cabbage contains […]

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List of 45 Green Leafy Vegetables with Images

Leafy Greens are plant leaves that are cooked and eaten as a vegetable and are sometimes mixed with additional stems or stalks. Leafy greens include many items ranging from spinach to kale to mustard greens. They have a variety of nutritional benefits, along with tons of disease-fighting and prevention elements. There are many different types of green leafy vegetables all with their own unique benefits. #greens #leafyvegetables #greenvegetable

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Best ROOT VEGETABLES for WINTER 🌨 and ways to eat them 🔅Eat 1 medium plate 🍽 of raw young Radish / daikon, carrots 🥕, turnips, onions 🧅, jicama sprinkled with pinch of salt, pepper and lemon🍋 juice in salads before meals 🔅Drink 1 glass ( 7 oz) juice of carrots 🥕, Radish and beetroots during day time 🔅Use garlic 🧄 and onions 🧅 generously while cooking root veggies and in beans 🫘. Take 2-4 raw garlic🧄 cloves with honey🍯 everyday 🔅Bake Sweet potatoes🍠 / potato🥔 / sun chokes…

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