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This thesis topic talks about the design development of Devrai Art Village, located in Panchgani, Maharashtra where Rock Dhokra art – a unique invention born out of traditional dhokra art form is being currently developed and practiced within the artisans and craftsmen of Devrai. # Landscape Design Competition # Urban Design Competition

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The inspiration of this design comes from the problems existing in real life.We found that the compound were very much in line with our expectations in terms of adapting to quarantine and post-epidemic life.Therefore, we made use of the compound model's advantages, and improved the shortcoming of lack of exercise, thus forming new compound model. # Urban Planning Competition # Urban Design Competition

Arianna Salazar Urdiales
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Our proposal implies a way to design the city thinking of all population segments, from little kids that start to discover their neighborhood to senior citizens that hardly go out anymore because their needs have changed. We designed a main collective adaptable space for different programs accompanied by a series of niche public spaces within housing blocks. # Concept Architecture Competition

UNI Architecture competition
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TerraViva Competitions has officially released the complete list of awarded projects of the design contest “Tactical Urbanism Now! #2021”. The challenge of this competition was to reinterpret what is commonly known as traditional public spaces, such as parks, streets, playgrounds and squares, with a strategical vision capable of providing them with new features of multi-functionality

Valanne Fernandes