Psychology of Music

La psicología de la música (infografía)

The Psychology of Music Infographic is one of the best Infographics created in the Science category. Check out The Psychology of Music now!

Leyla:Deberían ver la teoria de la música 440Hz vs 432Hz. Explica un poco más sobre este tema.

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Music and the brain. Why do we like Music, why does it help with mood control, coping skills & therapy

Electronic Music - A Visual Analysis by Torje Holm, via Behance

School project where I wanted to document my personal taste in music from the period and visualize this by using information graphics.

Why Music Matters - The Benefits of Music Education for Children #simplymusic #infographic

Psychology infographic & Advice Why Music Matters - Simply Music Institution Image Description Musicality at it's finest. Medicine for the Soul.

The Digital Revolution of the Music Industry

Say Goodbye to Record Stores and Physical Albums [INFOGRAPHIC]

Say Goodbye to Record Stores and Physical Albums [INFOGRAPHIC] - am I the only one that still collects records?

Digitalized: A Visual Representation Of The Evolution Of Audio Format [Infographic]

Digitized devices in our digital world. Have kids make a timeline with these devices, then add in their birth year, their parents', their grandparents'!