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Ignacio Guerrero Muñoz

Ignacio Guerrero Muñoz
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tortuga marina gigante

Sir Paul threw his weight behind a campaign to end the breeding of sea turtles at the Cayman Islands farm. But Sir Richard has now said that he backs the farm.

Small Tribal Pattern Guys Ankle Band Tattoos https://uk.pinterest.com/925jewelry1/mens-sunglasses/

60 Ankle Band Tattoos For Men - Lower Leg Design Ideas

0ce4n-g0d: “Cosmic Birth by SteveAllred”

This image from Nasa's Spitzer Space Telescope shows a stellar nursery containing thousand of young stars & developing protostars near the sword of the constellation Orion. I heart the Spitzer space telescope.

Albino sea turtle  www.flowcheck.es taller de equipos de buceo #buceo #scuba #dive

30 Rarely Seen Albino Animals From Around The World…Amazing! - One day I will see an albino animal. An albino baby turtle swims with green sea turtle babies in a pond at Khram island, near Pattaya, Thailand.

Tabla de abdominales para perder la grasa abdominal en 30 días

Tabla de abdominales para perder la grasa abdominal en 30 días

Sea Turtle in the Cayman Islands

wildlifepower: “ S-S-S-SEA TURTLES TIME! Sea turtles (superfamily Chelonioidea), sometimes called marine are reptiles of the order Testudines. There are seven species of sea turtles.


Sea turtle eating a jellyfish. This is why we are told not to put plastic bags in the ocean because the sea turtle will not be able to tell the difference between meal and plastic

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If I were a billionaire I& build an entire house around a huge aquarium so it could be seen in every room, then I& help the wildlife people by helping take care of sea turtles.