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Exactly how long was it until they were both introduced to other children? Sherlock was probably at least... 5...6?

"'Don't be smart, Sherlock, I'm the smart one!'" "I am the smart one." Actual five year olds Sherlock and Mycroft Holmes

All nine episodes<--- It's sad we have to say ALL nine episodes.

All 9 episodes and that's all we have. All these other fandoms have seasons. We have 9 episodes.

Yaaaaaas! I was going to say something kinda smart, but just yaas!

Because John protects Sherlock! This is especially evident in "The Abominable Bride". Sherlock is fighting Moriarty in his mind palace, and Moriarty says, it's just you and me. But then John shows up and proves that he will always be on Sherlock's team.