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Mute by DestinyBlue on DeviantArt

The glass will fog over before anyone can read it. People will just see the smile. On one hand we say were fine with the other we cry out for help. by Destiny Blue

A sequence from an explainer video we did together with @Valentin. It's from the same video as the corner shop animation, and you can now view the entire video on Vimeo.   The project was a lot of ...

This is a very advanced animation where there is a lot going on. It is extremely well done and runs very smoothly. It has a perfect loop where it goes back to the beginning for the end. This makes the gif perfect.

Aunque no hubiera estado obligada a ir, yo lo habría suplicado. Ahora soy útil, supongo.- Iris

Sad, yet very true. To all those who are in depression, have social problems such as anxiety or bipolar disorder, or are simply sad because of heartbreak, stay strong ✌️