Izaskum Castells

Izaskum Castells

Izaskum Castells
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I would use a different snake and cherry blossoms instead

Tattoo Trends – Flower Snake Tattoo Design From Blue Whale Ink Design by _park_tae_ Work In K…

Leucistic Colubrid by Christopher Marley by Christopher Marley at Gilt

Leucistic Colubrid by Christopher Marley from Biophilia by Christopher Marley on Gilt

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Thigh tattoos are IN right now and they are SEXY AF. Check out these sultry thigh tattoos for women and get some inspiration for your visit to the tattoo parlor.

I like the idea of a two-headed snake on my sternum with its head climbing up and just onto my boob. | Snake and rose by @lillesnegl | ligia@gristletattoo.com

Two- Headed Snake Tattoo. Two headed snake tattoos mostly rooted back to Egyptian culture. These represent power and protection at the same time.

serpiente de dos cabezas

two headed snake, In hoodoo it can symbolize powerful two-headed conjure man, or root doctor or bocor (sourcerer) that practices white magic as well as black magic.