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Oreo Cookies

A TV commercial alerted me to the fact that Oreo cookies are celebrating their 100th birthday. Wikipedia and Twitter indicates that their special day is today March 6th. So Happy Centennial Birthday, Oreo! I'm posting some 1960s vintage ads to celebrate you (because that's just how I roll). I can't find any information why these are called "NEW OREO" The cookie imprint design changed in 1952 according to the above Wikipedia link. January 11, 1960 Life Magazine January 13, 1961 Life Magazine…

 What do you think about Ramadan ads? today, we are there to share the most creative Ramadan ads and campaigns published over the years.

Oreo Ramadan project

Posters for Oreo in Ramadan

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Vintage Food Advertisements of the 1950s (Page 32)

Vintage Food Advertisements of the 1950s (Page 32)

Inside an Oreo! A rainbow haha


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Do you LOVE to pin as much as you LOVE to dunk? #loveit #dailytwist

Oreo Mobile App Icon by Julian Burford.

18 Mouthwatering Food App Icons

Seeing app icons has essentially become part of our daily lives. With this comes the struggle for designers to create icons that will stand out from all other app icons. There are a lot of designer…

Kudos to quick-thinking marketers! 9 Brands That Thought Fast on Social Media During the Super Bowl

9 Brands That Thought Fast on Social Media During the Super Bowl

Advertisers shell out big money to get it front of millions on Super Bowl Sunday, but some brands banked on social media to create buzz about their brand.

August 16 - New Nessie Photo Released (Oreo 100 Aniversary)

Oreo cookies — easy to find, easier to eat. http://oreo.ly/DailyTwist #dailytwist

In honor of National Bullying Prevention Month, Nabisco’s Oreo launched a new campaign. We have to hand it to them – the company’s been very proactive about …

Hurt feelings are no joke. http://oreo.ly/DailyTwist #dailytwist

Today's Oreo Daily Twist is a fun one - a game commemorating 40 Years of Pong

Oreo's Clever Campaign: The Daily Twist

In what can only be called a stroke of marketing genius, Kraft Foods, the maker of Oreo cookies, launched an awesome marketing campaign this year called

August 12 - Sharks in your living room Oreo Milk, Twist And Shout, Shark Bites, Shark Week, Advertising, Ads, Sharks, Banner Design, Graphic Design

We’re chomping at the bits for next week. #dailytwist http://oreo.ly/dailytwist

Oreo cookies and milk are like money in the bank. Oreo Treats, Oreo Cookies, Oreo Funny, Funny Ads, Twist And Shout, Marketing Ideas, Media Marketing, September 2, Oreos

Oreo cookies and milk are like money in the bank. http://oreo.ly/DailyTwist #dailytwist

Print Advertising : Oreo Print Advertising Campaign Inspiration Oreo Advertisement Description Oreo Don’t forget to share the post, Sharing is love !

Twitter is for tweeting. Pinterest is for pinning. Oreo Cookies are for dunking. #dailytwist

 Yes this does remind me of the Two Faced Cat. Oreo Treats, Oreo Cookies, Two Faced Cat, Print Ads, Wine Recipes, Advertising, Oreos, Marketing Ideas, Cute

It doesn’t matter which flavor you dunk, they’re all good. http://oreo.ly/DailyTwist #dailytwist

August 21 - Celebrating the Life of Phyllis Diller (Oreo 100 Aniversary) Oreo Treats, Oreo Cookies, Phyllis Diller, Twist And Shout, Poster Ads, Advertising Campaign, Print Ads, Food Art, Oreos

She made us laugh, she made us cry. Mostly because we were laughing. http://oreo.ly/DailyTwist #dailytwist

Candy Corn Oreos – A twist on the original Oreo cookie, Candy Corn Oreos combine milk’s best friend with Halloween’s signature candy. The Oreo filling has the color and flavor of candy corn for a tasty Halloween treat. Corn Sandwich, Sandwich Cookies, Oreo Cookies, Weird Oreo Flavors, Cookie Flavors, Fun Halloween Treats, Halloween Cookies, Halloween Party, Candy Corn Oreos

We Try The New Candy Corn Oreo As It Attempts To Merge The Candy-Cookie Divide

Candy corn fans and candy curious, here's the evaluation of the new Candy Corn Oreos that you've been waiting for.