Wine cork corn holders love this idea! I need to start saving my corks

This is what you do with saved wine corks. Make "Cork Stamps" (soak corks in hot water for 10 minutes before cutting them for crafts--they won't crumble)

MollyMoo – crafts for kids and their parents DIY Stamping Fun - MollyMoo - crafts for kids and their parents 印章, 泡棉貼紙或木頭圖型

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You may see wine cork curtains - I see wine cork GARLAND!save your wine corks for me!lots of garland to string for next years Christmas tree theme! If only I drank wine. The wine cork garland is a brilliant idea.

Happiness Crafty: 7 DIY Penny Crafts (well what will we do in Canada with our pennies?