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Student Work – Kate Mikutowski

Curating the very best packaging design

CAFEOLOGY - Tea & Coffee - Package Inspiration

The design objective is to promote the coffee lovers that CAFEOLOGY provide the finest and most comprehensive range of Fairtrade beverages and promoting the

しろえび撰 | ささら屋 | …

しろえび撰 | ささら屋 | 富山米100%焼きたてせんべい・あられ・おかき販売

菊太屋米穀店「そのまま玄米」 パッケージ #Japanese rice #packaging

菊太屋米穀店 | WORKS | 2ND2nd


Lunch in Style with the Prepd Pack Lunchbox - GetdatGadget

Forget the plain old brown paper bag. Bring a healthy and mouth watering home prepared lunch to work or school in style is with the Prepd Pack Lunchbox.

ITC american typewriter

Dorset Cereals

For their work for Dorset Cereals, Big Fish was awarded a Gold DBA Design Effectiveness Award for best branded packaging.

UncleAdi Sunflower Seeds

Designer: Armend Berisha Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work Client: AdiGroup Location: Kosovo Packaging Contents: Sunflower Seeds Packaging Materials: PP05 UncleAdi is a new brand established in Kosovo, under branding UnlceAdi will be packaged several other products similar to sunflower seeds, however the design is envisaged to be the same with all other products, except the part on the right where always will be product forms what is inside, and in the right is a vector object with…

Aino brand rice mascot design series | DM / Vision ...

花瓣网-传单/平面广告|平面|原子狗粒 - 原创设计作品 - 站酷 (ZCOOL)

Aino brand rice mascot design series | DM / Vision ...

Doves Farm - packaging design - Studio h

our work - Doves Farm - brand & packaging design

Studio h - our work - Doves Farm - brand & packaging design

黒米ちっぷす - 食@新製品 - 『新製品』から食の今と明日を見る!

Buensalud / olive oil

Buensalud - Cabello x Mure - Diseño Gráfico Jaén

Para Aceites Guadalquivir diseñamos tanto su marca como el packaging de toda su familia de productos. En toda la familia está presente la geografía en la que se cultivan sus olivares que se extiende desde terrenos de campiña, sierra y río. Esto está muy presente en los motivos que decoran su bag-in-box y en los […]

五穀と麹の甘酒 - 食@新製品 - 『新製品』から食の今と明日を見る!

五穀と麹の甘酒 - 食@新製品 - 『新製品』から食の今と明日を見る!

五穀と麹の甘酒 - 食@新製品 - 『新製品』から食の今と明日を見る!

pentawards 2015 winners, Частная марка Ica - Gott liv (агентство Designkontoret Silver)

Новости: Анна Луканина — о мировых трендах в дизайне упаковки (по мотивам премии Pentawards)

Управляющий партнёр Depot WPF Анна Луканина в этом году приняла участие в работе жюри Pentawards и делится своей собственной подборкой лучших работ, а также рассказывает о мировых трендах в дизайне упаковки, которые прослеживаются во многих конкурсных проектах и на которые стоит обратить внимание.

10 Stunning Examples of Japanese Rice Packaging

Rice – it’s that ubiquitous staple that can be found in almost any Japanese home, served at almost every meal. Apparently its high status even renders it worthy of an (…) Read more

I love this rice packaging. Wish I had a link to find out more : ) PD