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two small white plastic turtles in the sand
How to Create 3d Printable Articulated Sculptures
The Gates of Darkness in Time and Space
an assortment of white plastic objects on a brown background
3D Printed StormTrooper Action Figure! (Realistic Articulation)
a blue shoelace with black handles on a white surface
Cargo Strap Clip by fwnomech
Keep your cargo straps (a.k.a. ratchet straps) organized with this clip. Simply wrap the strap around the hook and then slide the clip over the wrapped strap. Update Feb 2021: Added Tie-down Strap Clip for use with wider straps with larger hooks.
Headphone mount | 3D models download | Creality Cloud Inventions, Organisation, Diy Holder, 3d Printer Accessories, 3d Printer Diy, Diy Desk
Headphone mount | 3D models download | Creality Cloud
Headphone mount | 3D models download | Creality Cloud. #3DModeling #DigitalDesign #CGIcreations #VirtualRealityArt #3DVisualization #ComputerGraphics
three plastic cups sitting on top of a wooden table next to spools of thread
Russian Doll Random Maze Puzzle Gift Box (Updated Xmas 2018) by RevK
This is a multiple level maze puzzle box. i.e. you solve one puzzle, and find there is another, and maybe another, before you finally get to the middle and the prize. Multiple parts often print better (and faster overall) if printed separately rather than all together, and you can change colours for each, which is a nice touch. No support needed. Ideal for birthday/Christmas presents like cash or lottery tickets - or even a ring! Examples here include a lottery ticket gift box, some useful ...
a person holding an orange object in their hand with the text pocket catapult easy print
Pocket Catapult by Tomo_designs
This print is an easy 3-part assembly. You don't need any supports or glue. Just print and click it together. Perfect to test your printer or just as a fidget on your desk. It makes use of a spring gear that will bring back the knob that you are moving back to the center every time. I can even use it with one hand and reload with the other hand. Every make will be featured on my Instagram add your handle and follow me :) Check out my Instagram if you want to see more designs like this or if
two orange tags with the words just enter and name and address printed on them sitting next to each other
Customizer Version of luggage label by kowomike
Customizer Version of luggage label by kowomike.
two red and blue scissors are on the table
Utility Knife by 3dcave
Utility Knife by 3dcave - Thingiverse
an open box sitting on top of a wooden table
Buckle Box, Printable In One Piece
a red and black spool on top of a wooden table
Hatchbox Spool Drawer by 417paint
Got tired of having a bunch of Hatchbox spools laying around and I didn't want to just throw them in the trash. So I designed some swinging drawers for them in Fusion 360. These snap in to the original holes where the filament is held in place. They are very sturdy once in there, but can easily be removed. You can print 4 of these in different colors, or the same, and have a nice parts bin. I will be working on making small inserts for different levels inside the drawers soon. If any of you d