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Meditation Space - The extensive Fire collection brings us the memorable Tree Wall which is an in-ground corten steel fire arc with acid etched tree, along with the in-ground Branch Wall, by Elena Colombo

Cy Twombly #jeffreyalanmarks #JAM #homedecor

Budget art: Cy Twombly: paint backdrop of paper gorgeous blue--with your child dip q-tip in white paint and paint thick and thin loops--very fun

Joan Mitchell

Joan Mitchell Untitled, Oil on paper, 30 x 22 inches x cm). Collection of the Joan Mitchell Foundation, New York.

Nicolas de Staël: Parc de sceaux, 1952 - oil on canvas (Phillips Collection) #jeffreyalanmarks #JAM #homedecor

Nicolas de Staël: Parc de sceaux, 1952 - oil on canvas (Phillips Collection) Love the use of colour and space.

Jeff Depner #jeffreyalanmarks #JAM #homedecor

Beautiful geometric color studies by Jeff Depner : Reconfigured Grid Painting (acrylic on canvas Absent Chiropractor .

Olav Christopher Jenssen #jeffreyalanmarks #JAM #homedecor

Olav Christopher Jenssen, Grenadine Painting/Rosalind, 2007 Oil on canvas 52 x 42 cm

colin-vian:  Vincent van Gogh - The Olive Trees, (1889)

Vincent van Gogh: Olive Trees with the Alpilles in the Background, Oil on canvas, x cm. Saint-Rémy: June, 1889 (New York: Museum of Modern Art)

Elaine de Kooning  #jeffreyalanmarks #JAM #homedecor

Many of you have heard of Willem de Kooning, the widely known Abstract Expressionist Painter. But not many of you have heard of his wife, Elaine de Kooning, Figurative Expressionist Painter.

Richard Blanco #jeffreyalanmarks #JAM #homedecor

Richard Blanco

Richard Blanco is a Chicago-based painter whose geometric paintings I'm completely taken with. Some of his abstract works are for sale as prints on Society

Ellsworth Kelly: Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth #jeffreyalanmarks #JAM #homedecor

Ellsworth Kelly Curved Red on Blue 1963 Oil on canvas 105 x 84 inches. Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth

james turrell . #jeffreyalanmarks #JAM #homedecor

Bridget’s Bardo, Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg Installation © James Turrell. Photo by Florian Holzherr.