Photo Of The Week Winner  Why We Love It: We love how the hanging orchids resemble falling snowflakes—perfect for a winter wedding!  Why You Love It: "This is exactly what I'm doing myself; love it." —Mercedes M. "Wow Wow Wow!!!" —Lauren R. "Breathtaking!" —Amy's Bubbling Boutique  Photo Credit: Bob and Dawn Davis

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Manzanita Tree Centerpiece Votive candles and garlands of orchids and crystals hung down from tall Manzanita trees, which decorated some of the tables. Next years women's Christmas event.

Caminos de jardín originales: Piedras de distintos tamaños y colores, y mosaicos con cantos rodados

Caminos de jardín originales

Who doesn't want a beautiful path to walk on through their garden? Check out these 25 beautiful ideas for garden paths you will want in your garden!

Si tu boda es de día utiliza bicicletas de herrería con arreglos florales como esta.

20 Garden Wedding Ideas - Vintage bicycle with flowers and chalkboard wedding signs

arboles secos de decoracion de eventos

25 Awesome Wedding Decorations in 2017

winter wonderland wedding: i want this when i walkdown the aisle [I love the tree ideas! So going to do this for my wedding. No, seriously, I do want trees lined when I walk down the isle.

Mesa y bancos con piedras y tela fregadero estructura. Mesa de piedra pulida y asiento de madera.

Simply Beautiful Gabion Benches and Dinning Table Completed by Wood and Rock of The Worlds Best Outside Seating Ideas Designs by Up-Cycling Items in DIY Projects

Tegan and I were so excited to try out  this DIY IKEA Couch Hack!  We were looking all over, trying to find a couch for our studio, but we  were on a tight budget so we figured.. let's build our own! Easier said  than done, but once we figured out our game plan, it was actually quite  simple!

DIY Ikea Hacks : 5 Easy Steps to Make your Own Ikea Couch

DIY Ikea Hacks : 5 Easy Steps to Make your Own Ikea Couch — Treasures & Travels


Great way to decorate an old tree stump.and I have an old tree trunk I refuse to give up on and loads of plant pots.


Cellar conversion: indoor Brazilian barbecue complete with wood-burning ovens and sink.


Find unique ideas for making DIY outdoor bench to decorate your garden and patio in a creative way. Make bench with wood logs,pallets,cinder