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Jesabel Guzman

Jesabel Guzman
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Gauntlet process... would be great for a Nazgûl cosplay

I LOVE THIS! Sooooo gonna make this for LARP/Cosplay outfit :) Super Hero shirts, Gadgets & Accessories, Leggings, lovers armor diy


"Turbo on!" - Rumble from League of Legends

[LOL]Teemo x Lulu , Veigar x Tristina by *beanbean1988 on deviantART

Teemo x Lulu Veigar x Tristina what story will it be? [LOL]Teemo x Lulu , Veigar x Tristina

Rumble x Tristana - Real Tristy by Nestkeeper

Here is the first thing of my new LoL fan comic series! I don't think it was translated well, I hope you enjoy it. XD (updated) Oh, my mistake! It has a bonus image.