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The Marble Caves is geological formation of unusual beauty. These caves have formed in a pure marble and are bathed in the deep blue water of General Carrera Lake. Chile, the Marble Caves are some of the most impressive attractions of Patagonia.

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Pablo Neruda

geekysnowwhite: “ “I want to do to you what the spring does to the cherry trees.”- Pablo Neruda One of the most evocative and sensual lines of poetry I have ever read. Neruda makes me shiver in.

From appetizers to desserts, recipes as special as the holiday itself.

40 Easy, Elegant Recipes for Christmas Dinner

Roast Beef With Slow-Cooked Tomatoes and Garlic - Your oven does all the work here: Simply roast the three components―beef, tomatoes, and garlic―in a pan for a bit more than an hour, and you’re done.

El Valle del Elqui, en el norte de Chile.

El Valle del Elqui, en el norte de Chile.