Pucón is a small town in central Chile’s Lake District on the footsteps of Andes mountain range. It lies on the Lake Villarrica overlooked by the snow-capped Villarrica volcano. A very popul…

fenomeno el niño, desierto de Atacama

Aunque no lo creas, floreció el desierto de Atacama

desert blooms In Images: Stunning Flower Fields of the Atacama Desert 2015

Desierto florido. Septiembre de 2015

Chile's Atacama Desert in bloom due to El Niño rains 2015

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The Atacama region, 750 kilometers north of Santiago,

One of the driest places on Earth is covered in flowers

The Atacama desert, driest desert in the world, covered in flowers after unusually heavy rainfall.


One of the driest places on Earth is covered in flowers

El Niño has brought unusually heavy rainfall to the world's driest desert this year, causing dormant flower bulbs and rhizomes to germinate.

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Atacama Desert Blooms Pink After Historic Rainfall (Photos). The Atacama Desert, one of the driest places on Earth, has exploded in a riot of color thanks to a rare spring flower bloom.

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