Pan marraqueta o pan batido. Receta súper fácil de preparar.  Ingredientes -1kilo de harina (8 tazas) - 600 cc de agua a temperatura ambiente - 15 gramos de levadura granulada - 1 cucharadita de azúcar

Pan Marraqueta - he bread that I am presenting today is one of the most popular ones in Chile, the famous marraqueta, although in some regions of Chile, it’s also known as pan francés (French bread) or pan batido (whipped bread”).

Chilean Bread - Desde Chile con amor

This might have been something Maya learned how to make.


cazuela, un caldo con zapallo, choclo, papas, una fritanga rica y con carne o con pollo.

Berlines, a Chilean staple... dessert at its best!

(They are called in Germany "Pfannkuchen Berliner" is a kind of bun…

Mote con huesillos es una bebida refrescante chilena, no alcohólica, que se compone de una mezcla de jugo acaramelado, con mote de trigo y duraznos deshidratados, llamados huesillos. //  Mote con Huesillo is a refreshing beverage, nonalcoholic, which consists of a mixture of caramel juice with wheat mote and dried peaches, called huesillos

mote con huesillos (wheat with dried peaches) -- This is a sweet beverage made by stewing a sugary syrup with wheat and dried peaches. After cooling, the liquid is strained and served with the cooked wheat. Here, a dried peach is also added.


PAILA MARINA Paila marina is a traditional Chilean seafood stew usually served in a paila (earthenware bowl). Paila marina is usually a .

Torta Chilena. I'm going to try to make this this weekend for a party!! #chile

a place called " spoons" in San Jose costa rica does it the best. I recommend everyone tries it if the opportunity arises"

Locos con mayonesa

Locos con mayonesa (Abalone) and mayo. I tried these when I was in Chile and I thought they were pretty rubbery, like large snails but without the usual garlic butter to make them palatable!