Rugs Pieced Together. also work with patchwork weaving, small pieces block colour

easy and cheap! Make a big rug out of smaller rugs. easy and personal. Well Shut the Front Door! this is the best thing i have seen in a while! i need a huge rug for my living room and just dont have the big bucks! Pinterst ROCKS do you hear me!

rag rugs.

Carpet by Hanna Korvela Paper yarn, beautiful modern design

Learn how to make a color gamp to see how any set of colors interact in plain weave, twill and more before beginning your next standout project.

How to Weave a Color Gamp: Step-by-Step Tutorial


A small rug. We wouldn't want to completely cover those beautiful hardwood…


The long-neglected project on the Baby Wolf was finally finished yesterday. It& black handspun warp with assorted handspuns as weft stripes. with each color change in the weft, I reversed the direction of the twill line.

Nate Berkus pillow with Pom poms

Pillows - Metallic Textured Pillow by Nate Berkus features three different textures in cream.