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30 Pictures Of Airbnb's Spacious Dublin Headquarters (This looks exactly like the interiors of the new commonwealth bank building in Darling Park Square Sydney)

Cortesía de Mecanoo

Designed by Mecanoo Architects, HS Arquitetos. Mecanoo has released their proposal for the Longhua Art Museum and Library, designed in collaboration with HS Architects. The proposal was a finalist.

Centro para el Cerebro, Comportamiento y Metabolismo / Hammeskrause Architekten

Completed in 2016 in Lübeck, Germany. Images by Werner Huthmacher. The international research building Center of Brain, Behavior and Metabolism (CBBM) at the University of Lübeck provides 320 scientists, doctors and.

Mama Makan, Amsterdam, 2017 - Concrete Architectural Associates

Mama Makan is a contemporary Dutch-Indonesian Grand Café that seamlessly integrates with the hotel lobby, connecting travellers with the local residents and the historic context of the neighbourhood. Mama Makan is inspired by the.

17 Cosas asombrosas que puedes comprar para tu escritorio

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