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LED Wall Light EXAMPLE - Indirect Lighting: Diffused light produced by directing the light toward an intermediate surface that reflects the light into the room.

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I'm thinking neon balloons on the trampoline in summer:) Glow in the dark Party. neon colored paper cut into strips (to hang by black lights), balloons with glow sticks, she put black plastic on her walls

Out of this world DIY Light Craft: fantastical magical LED Astronaut Helmet! This inspires me, already starting to make my own with our bike lights here: http://www.flashingblinkylights.com/blue-led-strip-tape-lights-for-bike-frame.html

GROUND CONTROL TO MAJOR TOM: this LED Space Helmet lights up inside! Looks like they sold only leaving just photos to be admired. This space girl right here needs to make her OWN, let me tell you.

No one ever said you had to pick one color to light your stairs. #beBold

this modern staircase that has multi-coloured led strip lights built in to the edge of each stair not only looks good but helps make sure you never miss a step in your life.

Proyección de la luz en un ascensor #elevators #architecture #ascensores #arquitectura

Light integration is one of the most important layer. With the wrong light, materials can seem flat, discoloured, or dark. That's why Premier Elevator uses State of the Art CAD systems to synthesize lighting before any materials are physically utilized.

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The Bed Light responds to your nightly needs. The Bed Light is an innovative LED light product designed to.