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SACHAMAMA [aka SACH’AMAMA] [noun] Incan Mythology: a two-headed serpent considered to be the mother of forests and tree of life. Etymology: Quechuan, “mother of the earth”, “Mother Tree” or “Mother Jungle”. [Jessica Perlstein - The Rise of Sachamama]

In love with this design. Maybe get all different mandalas down my spine (100+) spine tattoo | Tumblr

Check Out 25 Cool Spine Tattoos For Men And Women. However, our focus right now is now is on spine tattoos. we introduce to you our own version of 25 cool spine tattoos for men and women that we have compiled just for you.

Rainbow Dash poster final design.

To those of you who helped me pick out the design for this poster, I thank you! The Rainbow D. Rainbow Dash Poster Design final - no text