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CR Land Guanganmen Green Tech Showroom l Located on the central lawn of a residential compound, the Green Technology Showroom is made of a recyclable steel structure that does not retain heat. The vertical grass paneling system provides insulation.

Casa Pite / Smiljan Radic" data-componentType="MODAL_PIN

Architecture Hall Smiljan Radic - The amazing Casa Pite house and guest house, with roof sculptures by Marcela Correa, Papudo 2006

Oris • Exhibition: Smiljan Radić and Alejandro Lüer - Ilustraciones

Oris & Exhibition: Smiljan Radi& and Alejandro L& - Ilustraciones


'House for the Poem of the Right Angle', by Smiljan Radic (Vilches, Chile)

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Pite House, Papudo, V Región, Chile 2003 - Photograph © Cristobal Palma