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nalciel: “ vinetrility: “ gorgonzol-st: “ 20170226 Drawing Study of February - Light and Shadow ” Oooineedthis ” OH. This is the ultimate reference!

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ehuante: “ mcl-ocestuff: “ I hope this is usefull! By the way, this is for artists who want to make different colors for haircurts. Only one contradiction: You need to keep your layers.

A folder for any tutorials or resources I create. I love helping others with their art, so if you have questions or requests, let me know!

Since creating my other palette charts, I've had some requests to make more. Another jumbo chart for some abnormal hair colors, I hope you guys enjoy More Resources on my GumRoad: I.

List of latest Prismacolor pictures. Discover thousands of Prismacolor images on Pinterest via Pineasy

This is a quick reference guide that I created for people who wish to know my color mixtures, or for those who just want to know some colors that can be. My Prismacolor Skin Tone Color Palette