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Kariina Niinoska
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插画 动漫 美少年 美少女 二次元 That was some kind of Japanese comment to translate<---what it says is "Illustration cartoon girl and young secondary yuan"

This is an Anime from Erased. This is an eye-catching picture. The character is in the falling snow, wearing a frilly white apron and a red scarf.

Sailor moon

Oh my yes Sailor Moon(Usagi), Sailor Mercury(Ami), Sailor Mars(Rei), Sailor Jupiter(Makoto), Sailor Venus(Minako). [Sailor Five! by Kotikomori] I love how Minako looks! I also like Rei's update on her phone.

Anime girl

There are soo many neko girls in anime industry, but I've seen only one bunny girl so far. I think they're as cute as the neko girls, If not cuter.