Easter Island, Chile

Easter Island is famous for its statues, called Moai (over 800 of them) . They were originally placed on huge stone platforms that were built along the coast. Here they stood looking inland over the country watching over the people.

la serena chile

1970 Cerro Tololo, in Chile, South America, a - National Optical Astronomy Observatory. A 'sister' telescope to one at Kit Peak, AZ.

Lower Gamboa, Castro, Chiloe, Chile.

Chile Travel Com provides the best information for travelers in Chile interested in visting Chiloe Island. If you like history and culture you will find it on Chiloe Island.

Punta Arenas - Chile

Punta Arenas - Chile - Penguins in the South, the Equator in the North - Chile is such a cool country.

Antofagasta, Chile

Atacama Desert - Licancabur is a highly symmetrical stratovolcano on the southernmost part of the border between Chile and Bolivia. Photograph by Igor Alecsander.

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