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Hymie Wiess - Northsiders (Chicago) Said to be the only man Al Capone feared. Hymie Wiess - Northsiders (Chicago ) Se dice que es el único hombre de Al Capone temía .

Henry Earl J. Wojciechowski, also known as Hymie Weiss, was an American mob boss who became a leader of the Prohibition-era North Side Gang and a bitter rival of Al Capone. He was known as 'the only man Al Capone feared'.

Gangster Al Capone Meyer Lansky Nucky Johnson Atlantic City Gambling Crime Photo

Meyer Lansky, Al Capone, Enoch “Nucky” Johnson and friends walking the boards, Atlantic City. April, 1929 x Boardwalk Empire

The original Nucky - Enoch 'Nucky' Johnson

Boardwalk Empire History: The real Nucky Thompson was Enoch “Nucky” Johnson

Capoeira, The once secret Brazilian Martial Art, combined with Acrobatics, Dance, and Music....a brief article

Capoeira, a Brazilian martial art that combines elements of dance and music. It was developed by African boys brought by the Portuguese to Brazil as slaves, probably beginning in the century (wikipedia)