Picture of Rick Astley

My friend listened to this song once and she was like "His face doesn't match his voice" I had to agree. His voice is deep but he was soooo young when he sang this.

Rick Astley announces October 2012 UK Tour

Astley to Tour the United States with the Pet Shop Boys - Rick Astley Announces U.

Rick Astley Sings Live - Never Gonna Give You Up - Sexiest Voice ever

Rick Astley admits in private interview that the "rickroll" was an invention to get more hits on his songs.

Rick Astley

The trench coat wearing pop sensation, Rick Astley, talks fame, flying, and how annoying it must be to be Rickrolled

Rick Astley - Hold me in your arms

Rick Astley - Hold me in your arms (I used to listen to this on repeat as a kid)