The road to Monte Fitz Roy, on the border between Argentina and Chile

Mount Fitz Roy, Andes Mountains, Argentina ("The Road to Fitzroy" photo by Marion Faria)

Iglesia de piedra, Patagonia, Chile

~~Marble Cathedral ~ turquoise water from a melting glacier, pure marble cave, Patagonia, Chile by glorious journey photography~~So pretty!


The park comprises two small ice fields, with glaciers of up to 7 mi long. The largest glaciated area is Queulat ice cap, which encompasses about 31 sq mi and contains park's centerpiece, the Queulat Hanging Glacier.

Osorno volcano, Chile

Osorno Volcano is located in Los Lagos Region of Chile. It stands on the southeastern shore of Llanquihue Lake, Osorno Volcano is a symbol of the local landscape, and is noted for its similar appearance to Mount Fuji in Japan .

Iglesia de piedra, Patagonia,  Chile

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Copihue This beautiful flower, called Copihue, is the national flower of Chile. Copihue, Copiu (map), Lapageria rosea. Planta trepadora, ramosa, de hasta 6 m. de alto. Flores hermafroditas, solitarias, rojas, blancas y rosadas, de forma acampanada. De 6 pétalos, de 7-10 cm. de largo por 2-2,5 cm. de ancho. Es la flor nacional de Chile. Sus frutos son comestibles.

This beautiful flower, called Copihue (Lapageria rosea), is the national flower of Chile.