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Ceramics - All things related to my ceramics class.
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Michael Widhalm on Instagram: "In addition to my last reel, that’s the problem when lids are thrown very precise and the clay has a very slight imperfection. Thank god @floriangadsby showed in one of his videos the possibility of sanding with grinding paste. I used it a couple of times and I have to say, this hits my satisfaction-nerves right on the spot! . . . #pottery #ceramics #handmade #clay #art #ceramic #ceramicart #stoneware #homedecor #design #potterylove #keramik #instapottery #satisfying #pottersofinstagram #wheelthrown #handmadepottery #handmadeceramics #potterystudio #tableware #viennaartist #contemporaryceramics #interiordesign #artist #potterylife #potter #kunst #wip"
Joe Thompson on Instagram: "A very convenient way to make a frame for pouring plaster is to take a food storage container (disposable or reusable) and cut the bottom off. They generally have a taper so they can stack inside themselves, and this makes it very easy to release the plaster. It just so happens that this cheap IKEA food container is the perfect size for my Dino silicone mould too. I don't know if they sold lids for these containers (it's one I bought a while ago and had in the studio


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3D Potterbot Micro 10 Ceramic 3D Clay Printer — Real Clay 3D Ceramic Printer - 3D Potter


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Using Craft Foam to Create a 3-D Ceramic Stencil Effect
The inspiration of 'Chicken Pose' came from a yoga pose, my short-lived attempt to exercise indoors during the lock down. I found the name 'chicken pose' very funny, 'chicken' is Chinese means prostitute, hence the sculpture physically looks a bit like a chicken but with an alluring bottom.  Size approx. 34 x 20 x 21 cm (H/W/L)

Creative examples

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Octopus sculpture which can be used as a planter.I made this sculpture from white clay and painted it with orange and black pigments before coating her in clear glaze. This octopus measures about 7cm tall and 12cm wide (3" x 5").PACKAGING --- All of my pieces are carefully packaged for safety.Please see my shop for more cute planters.
House your favorite cacti and succulents with our Ceramic Planet PlantersThese cute little planters are perfect for small tabletop plants. Line them up as a set or place them individually around your home. Its portable size makes it easy to move your plants into the sun when needed. Features:- Playful and minimalist design- Easy to pot and repot smaller house plants and cacti- Small drainage hole on the bottom to prevent waterlogging- Portable size for rearranging indoor plants and plant life ar

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Heisenberg-Walter White -Ceramic

Not School Appropriate

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Effortlessly Communicate Your High School Curriculum With These Student Handouts - The Art of Education University

General requirements

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@ghostwares on Instagram: "👻 look ma, no hands! #ghostwaresceramics #wheelthrownpottery #budvase #claymation #stonewareceramics #satisfying #potteryvideos"
In this video I show how I make a coil bowl from start to finish, including the glazed piece. Coil pottery has an ancient history and there is something about this particular bowl that reminds me of Celtic artwork. I start off by sketching out my design by pencil, and I use the drawing as a guide. Often I deviate from the plan, but it’s a good starting point. Why not check out my step by step guide on how to make a coil bowl.

Ceramics - Video

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Visual Rubrics: Exaggerated Texture - Ceramics / Pottery | TpT
Ghost Ceramics Gbg on Instagram: "My elbow is much better, so it’s definitely SHOP UPDATE TIME! 💪🏻 🥳 There are no exact times as usual, but this is what we know: The first crowd will show up around 5 p.m. CEST today (Friday 4 Aug). There will be four shop updates in total, where the last one will be after the witching hour but before the hour of the wolf Sunday (super early, CEST). The link is in my bio. Happy weekend! 💕👻💕 #ceramics #shopupdate #handmade #ghosts #keramik #handmadewithlove
Ceramic.lovers 💙💙 on Instagram: "😺😺🤎🤎🤩👌 This beautiful ceramic bowl from @chiaki_nogami Leave your thoughts in comments!! Save to not to forget this lovely❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥 Credit 📷❤️ @chiaki_nogami Follow @ceramic.lovers_ Follow @chiaki_nogami If you like it pls support with ❤️ Note: we don’t own this video/picture, all rights go to their respective owners. Tag friends who will love this ❤️ Thanks for following me ❤️ #ceramicbowl #ceramic #ceramicbowls #potterybowl #potterybowls #ceramics


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Diverse Pottery on Instagram: "Dumpling bowl🥟| 🎥 @baobaopottery Follow @diversepottery for daily pottery and ceramics content 🏺 - Follow @diversepottery Follow @diversepottery Follow @diversepottery If you learned something new or were inspired, please like and share the video🙏🏽 - DM for removal request. No copyright intended. All rights and credits reserved to the respective owner. #pottery #ceramic #clay #artist #handmade #ceramicstudio #sculpture #art #design #handmadeceramics #homedecor

Multi pinch

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Visual Rubrics for SLAB POTS in Ceramics/Pottery Class | TpT
Inspired by one of Earth's greatest treasures, this elegant vase is shaped like a coral bloom, boasting exquisite textural details which bring the piece to life. Coral not included.
Advanced Ceramics - Mrs. Adams, El Segundo High School


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Schlage 35-003 Control Key for Everest C123 FSIC (Full Size Interchangeable Core) Cylinders 35-003-C123 Control Key for Everest C123 FSIC (Full Size Interchangeable Core) Cylinders Removed N/A
Johnson TSANG

Pop Culture

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Fall Leaf Turkey. Like pumpkins, turkeys have become a decorative fall staple. This majestic bird has been hand built with porcelain clay. His “tail feathers” and wings are hand-painted green, red, yellow and orange fall leaves. The body of the turkey is brown with a beige belly. The turkey's head is gray, his beard is red, and beak is black flowing into light gray. The entire sculpture has a high gloss finish with the exception of the turkey's head which is in a matte gray finish.
Tim Kowalczyk on Instagram: "Oldie but a goodie and my prices hasn't changed much. . #process #make #making #makersgonnamake #wip #clay #not #chocolate"
Who Built the Terracotta Army and Why


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‎Sarah Alsaied ساره السعيد‎ on Instagram: "Making a head 💫 I like sculpting using the slab building method. Slightly pushing the clay in and out reveals the face features. I can easily jump between bone and muscle structures. It gives me quick information on where things are, and where to make adjustments. #artist #art #artistofinstagram #emergingartist #artresidency #residentartist @archie_bray #archiebray #archiebrayfoundation #clay #clayart #clayartist #claysculpture #slabbuilding #figurativesculpture #sculpture #anatomy #head #stopmotion #turtorial #artreel #itsmagic"
Help students plan their individual artworks! This acts as a pre-assessment, establishes an understanding of revision and reflection, and also integrates smoothly as a part of a modified choice art classroom, geared to elementary grades. In order to help students develop their
How to Use WOW Projects to Get Quality Work in Your Choice Classroom - The Art of Education University


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Aleksandra Buyanova on Instagram: "A few basic life hacks for sculpting clay sculptures: • the sculpture must be made hollow so that it does not explode in the kiln during firing, so we cut and scrape the clay from the inside and sew the parts together again; • additionally putty the seam with a piece of soft line of clay • be sure to make a hole in the sculpture so that it does not explode in the kiln during shrinkage; • dry the sculpture slowly under plastic bags so that it does not crack. I w
Minky is one funky monkey. He loves to show off his death defying trapeze skills on the jungle vines above Blamoville. If you slip on a banana peel, blame Minky. He’s a mischief maker, that one. FEATURESThis special edition Minky is hand carved from monkey pod wood and bleached to achieve a two tone effect. Minky stands approximately 7.5″ tall. He comes in a hand-made box. Please note that all Blamo is handmade and despite our efforts to create the perfect art figure, each monkey carving is uniq

Solid Construction

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Love in Pottery on Instagram: "by @ kyramillerart. Blue-Ringed Octopus Vase 🐙 FOLLOW👉 @loveinpottery for more pottery contents ☕️ ! Credit 📷💚 @ kyramillerart visit their page and support 💕 Follow us on @mustvisitguide (Travel Lovers), @dailyartlist (Art Lovers) & @musthomeguide (Interior Lovers) ! #wheelthrown #ceramicstudio #handmade #glaze #design #ceramica #ceramique #ceramicsculpture #potterylove #stoneware #clay #interiordesign #tableware #pottersofinstagram #keramik #porcelain #art #ceramics #craft #homedecor #contemporaryceramics #artist #sculpture #ceramic #ceramicart #ceramicartist"

Decorative Techniques

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Made in Rozelle on Instagram: "Making of the retro cup! Luck was with me because I didn't measure the cup at all but it ended up fitting all of the stickers perfectly 😅 Underglazes are @amacobrent velvet underglazes mixed into various pastel tones, and the glaze is Amaco sapphire float. The clay is Chris light speckle. • • • • • #handmade #pottery #ceramics #diy #craft #handcrafted #shopsmall #ceramic #clay #stoneware #accessories #gift #wheelthrown #ceramica #madeinrozelle #shoplocal #midfire #speckledclay #glazedecoration #chrislightspeckle #timelapse"
Bluegillceramics on Instagram: "I’ve been wanting to make transfers (or have them made) of my own designs for YEARS! But I was always planning on commissioning art from other artists to make into them. I never thought my own art would become transfers. Thank you to @ceramicatransfers you were a joy to work with. #underglazetransfers #pottery #handmade #illustration #apothecary #potionbottles"

Finishing Techniques

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Monthly Sculpture Challenge on Instagram: "Our guest judge for this months challenge Joe @oldforgecreations dropping some expert knowledge for limitless applications 💛 who’s pumped for the theme!?! Have you started working yet? Maybe tomorrow- rest today 😂 Tag us with #ssculpturas or @ssculpturas so we can share your progress 💙"
Monthly Sculpture Challenge on Instagram: "Our guest judge for this months challenge Joe @oldforgecreations dropping some expert knowledge for limitless applications 💛 who’s pumped for the theme!?! Have you started working yet? Maybe tomorrow- rest today 😂 Tag us with #ssculpturas or @ssculpturas so we can share your progress 💙"
Ashley Odell | Briar Rose Atelier on Instagram: "A quick tutorial on how I make clay slip for trailing designs and drawing raised elements on my pottery. Leave a comment with ❤️ if you found this helpful or ask questions and I will try to help. Quick Notes: - These are porcelain clay trimmings. Groggy clays are hard to slip trail with as they clog the needle / nozzle. - I use water saturated Epsom Salts (from the local pharmacy) as a flocculant and Darvan 7 (from my local pottery supply stor


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Ceramics Ceramic sculptureFigurines StatuetteMan and | Etsy

Busted - not creative ( students copying ideas)

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Fine Mess Pottery- lots of tutuorials
How Pottery Is Made (With Video)
Michigan ceramicist Jeff Blandford  In the first photo he wears a 50lb backpack to aide in throwing a 300lb pot.


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by Christian Pradier

Inspiration - for Mrs. Koon

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Lydia C. Thompson
How to Make Black Clay? - Spinning Pots
How to Make Black Clay? - Spinning Pots


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Nicola Moore ✄ - - - on Instagram: "🔥Camping pottery pit fire from start to finish!🔥 This was such a fun project and I’ve been so excited to share this process! 🥰🧚🏻‍♀️🙌 We were able to make lovely clay babes, dry them, and pit fire them really successfully during our recent camping trip. Here’s a peek at how we did it… We dried the pottery in the sun and next to our fire in the evening for a couple of days. Then, I collected a bunch of seaweed and other materials from the beach nearby whic
Nicola Moore ✄ - - - on Instagram: "Pit Fire Process A: Firing Bisqueware. ✨We did a couple of pit firings while camping this last week. This first one was firing a couple of pinched porcelain bowls coated in terra sigillata and already bisque fired. I sprinkled chunky salt and egg shells in each. At the last minute, in experimental mode, a friend suggested we try adding this mystical fire powder that makes the flames change color. Often in a pit I would also add copper carb or other chemicals a
Pottery on Instagram: "Credit @jddsa1999 A beautiful body perishes, but a work of art dies not “ Leonardo da Vinci “ our las raku fire of this year 🔰 Tag a friend 🔔 Turn Post Notification On * Follow us to see Pictures/Videos every day 👉 For shirts you'll find the link on my Bio👆👆👆"


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