Chile's Atacama Desert Is Now a Floral Wonderland

The Driest Place on Earth Is Now a Floral Wonderland

The Atacama desert is experiencing a rare springtime bloom of flowers after the heaviest rainfall in two decades earlier this year, caused by El Niño weather system. The desert is usually one of the driest places on Earth.

El desierto florido, Desierto de Atacama (Chile) El desierto florido es un fenmeno climtico que se produce en el Desierto de Atacama, que ...

desierto florido, chile (unusual rainfall makes the desert burst into bloom

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La Atacama desert in Chile. The Atacama Desert flowering (Desierto florido) can be seen in years with sufficient precipitation from September to November.

Desierto Florido in Chile, I want to go this year! (photo:Chilephoto).

Desierto Florido in Chile, if I only I could predict when this is going to happen next