Parque Forestal, Santiago, Chile. I've walked this park many times.

Parque Forestal, Santiago, Chile This is wher I used to sit and read El Mercurio while waiting for my wife at her college.

The Ritz-Carlton, Santiago, Chile

Local Experts

Relax in our elevated oasis under the glass cupola of the Rooftop Health and Fitness Center with a breathtaking view of Santiago and the Andes mountains. - at The Ritz-Carlton, Santiago

Weekend Cabin: Aysen, Chile

Cabin In The Patagonia Fjords / Armando Montero + Samuel Bravo, Argentina

Hot Springs, Villarrica National Park, Chile

Hot Springs, Villarrica National Park, Chile One of my favorite places in the world :)

Valle de la luna Chile

Everything about San Pedro de Atacama is amazing, but there's nothing quite like El Valle de la Luna (Moon Valley)