Painted desert, a 16 inch, all wool yarn Ojo de Dios #etsy #JaysMandalas

Southwest Classic Ojo de Dios 36 inches all por JaysMandalas

A Ojo de Dios mandala, 8-sided, 24", all wool yarns by Jay Mohler

Asheville Mandala Weavers~Ojos de Dios~Yarn Mandalas by JaysMandalas

Diamond Sky an all wool 12sided 24 inch Ojo de by JaysMandalas, $240.00

Jays Mandalas_Diamond Sky, an all wool, 24 inch Ojo de Dios, by custom order

A mandala of Blue Horizons, big dreams, and following your star. Ive been making yarn and stick mandalas on and off since the 1960s, after seeing

Ojo de Dios, yarn mandala Summertime, 18 inch, by custom order

wool mandalas - tutorial

Folt Bolt - the colorful art palette

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