Catedral de mármol - Patagonia, Chile

~~Marble Cathedral ~ turquoise water from a melting glacier, pure marble cave, Patagonia, Chile by glorious journey photography~~So pretty!

Los Pozones, Pucon, Chile - natural hotsprings- totally transparent like a clear glass

Turquoise Pool, Chile Located north east of the Mocho-Choshuenco volcano in Los Ríos Region. « Cute and Amazing

Salto del Laja Falls - Chile I remember sleeping at the hotel there like it was yesterday.

Salto del Laja Falls - Chile

Waterfall – Amazing Creation of Nature Salto del Laja Falls is located in the Laja River in Chile. ♥ Wasserfall - erstaunliche Schöpfung der Natur Salto del Laja Falls liegt in dem Laja Fluss in Chile.

Siete tazas, VII Región del Maule, Chile

7 Teacups, Chile - Siete tazas, Región del Maule, CHILE - i really wanna go here. its 7 waterfalls that fall into eachother

Atacama Desert. Los Cuernos, Torres del Paine National Park, Chile More

Great wall of China. My eyes will never forget this site. As a child I thought it was the most wonderful place to sit and dream. China you will for ever have a place in my heart! for your travel bucket list

PATAGONIA, CHILE: Carretera Austral (*)

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Playa solitaria - Llico Bajo (Patagonia - Chile)

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