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Fandral (gif) I love how you can see on his face how much he hates what he has to do.

Love Zachary Levi as Fandral <<<< yay I'm not the only fandral fan

APH- SAY YES by ~kuroneko3132 on deviantART -Okay so I don't ship GerIta but this is adorable...

APH- SAY YES by on deviantART - "Omg, Romano baby, dat potato bastard said yes!" made me almost die of laughter.

APH » GerIta {}... Wait... no... those clothes... they're Holy Roman's.... and Germany is wearing them... while Italy realizes.. *sobs at the emo corner while eating her feelings*

Italy and the return of Holy Rome Empire (Germany) I really do think that when Holy Rome died, his body is what Germany is alive in, they do look the same. <<< it's revealed that hre is Germany in world twinkle

Adorable tempers must run in the family...Italy and Romano #Hetalia

Although, Italy rarely gets mad, Unlike Romano, who is rarely happy.