laguna de incas in portillo, chile

James Heim and Michelle Parker using Kayaks to access skiing on Laguna de Incas in Portillo Chile

desierto de Atacama - el lugar mas cerca a las estrellas <3

Southern Milky Way above Mars-like red sands of Atacama Desert. The location is inside Yungay, the driest, and most sterile place on Earth. There is virtually no life on the surface of this region of Chile. The night sky from here is simply amazing.

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Areas to visit: Chile, So. Amazing variety of climate and terrain.

Cerro Artilleria, Valparaíso, Chile

Cerro Artilleria, Valparaíso, Chile - I need to go home ASAP!

Santa Lucía Hill, Santiago, Chile

Santiago, Chile- Santa Lucia hill is a popular urban park

Parque Forestal, Santiago, Chile

Parque Forestal, Santiago, Chile This is wher I used to sit and read El Mercurio while waiting for my wife at her college.

Mote con huesillos es una bebida refrescante chilena, no alcohólica, que se compone de una mezcla de jugo acaramelado, con mote de trigo y duraznos deshidratados, llamados huesillos. // Mote con Huesillo is a refreshing beverage, nonalcoholic, which consists of a mixture of caramel juice with wheat mote and dried peaches, called huesillos

mote con huesillos (wheat with dried peaches) -- This is a sweet beverage made by stewing a sugary syrup with wheat and dried peaches. After cooling, the liquid is strained and served with the cooked wheat. Here, a dried peach is also added.

30 claves para estudiar y trabajar en Chile #infografia

30 claves para estudiar y trabajar en Chile #infografia #infographic #empleo

Santiago, Chile

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Santiago, Chile, home to Newfield South America's headquarters