Chiloe Architecture - country church

Chiloe church, on Chiloe Island, off the coast of Chile

Chiloe Island

Read about the unique sites to explore on Chiloe Island, such as the town of Ancud Chile, historic churches, and Chiloe National Park.

Palafitos in Castro, Chiloe Island

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minga o tiradura de casa en chiloe #chile

minga, moving a house with the help of friends or neigbour

chiloe island | Chile

Chiloe is the second largest island in South America. The Chilotes (as its inhabitants are called) enjoy a maritime climate, which means wet.

minga o tiradura de casa en #chiloe #chile

Minga - Chile

"Tiradura" a custom in Chiloe.when someone wants to move, they simply tie their house to a boat or oxen and move it to a new location.