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Areas to visit: Chile, So. Amazing variety of climate and terrain.

Churrascas, un pan chileno rápido que tradicionalmente se hace a la sartén, sobre el fuego de la cocina. Delicioso y fácil.

Churrascas - traditional Chilean stovetop bread, inexpensive, simple to prepare and delicious.

Chilean Bread - Desde Chile con amor

This might have been something Maya learned how to make.

Mote con Huesillo! Probably the most Chilean of all beverages (at least of those that LDS missionaries can drink...) I love this stuff! It is basically a dried peach in peach juice with wheat berries. So yummy! I once dressed up as Mote and my companion went as Huesillo to a costume party... fun times!

Mote con Huesillo - cooked dried peaches, cooked farro, and peach nectar.