Valparaiso, Chile, South America, cobblestone, streets, architecture

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Valparaíso ist eine Hafenstadt in Chile

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Easter Island | Chile | South America

"Marveling at the Moai (monolithic statues) on Easter Island. Hey, if I can choose anywhere I may as well choose one of the most remote destinations on earth!

Talca, Chile

Talca, Chile

Hotel Casino [Talca, Chile]

Completed in 2008 in Talca, Chile. Images by Guy Wenborne & Rodrigo Duque Motta. Since the very beginning, this commission was determined by a preexisting disposition of the various parts of the program (casino, hotel,.

From Santiago with Love

This video records the beautiful country of Chile through my eyes during a 3 day visit to the city of Santiago to coordinate my doctoral dissertation researc.

From Santiago with Love (Part 2)

From Santiago to Talca with Love: The Movie (Part 2)

From Santiago to Talca with Love: The Movie (Part