Bach Flower Cards [Water Violet] - Water Violet personalities present an image of superiority, capability, and calm control. They never fall apart in an unexpected situation, but can take charge. This dependence from other people leads to an emotional drain that can cause a Water Violet person to begin believing that they truly are special and thus they become prideful. After treatment, person is able to use his self-confidence and independent attitude for the good of others as well as…

Bach Flower Cards [Water Violet] - Water Violet personalities present an image…

Bach Flower: Larch

Bach Flower: Larch - “Dance as if no one were watching…”

Bach Flower: Beech

Beech is a flower essence that helps you to bring you back to your natural balance. Learn more about this Flower Essence.

Bach Flower: Oak

Bach Flower: Oak - "Combine work with fun again"

Bach Flower: Crab Apple

Bach Flower: Crab Apple - "Harmonize and clean your energy"

Mimulus - Bach Flower Oracle Card by Susanne Winberg. Message: Go forward fearlessly!

The Bach Flower Oracle Cards PRINTED EDITION These cards are going to change the way you work with Bach Flowers! The Bach Flower Oracle Cards are a

Two of the most powerful words you can use, "I AM..."

Morning Affirmations in the sun light,Draw the suns energy into your heart and smile,Love is all around you.

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