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Jo Hutton on Instagram: "Wannna see some magic? ✨ Try this neck stretch and see the results. Give it a go and comment below if it worked for you! (Disclaimer: This is just a bit of fun, This is not meant as replacement for or as medical advice: if you’ve got any neck injuries, or underlying health conditions don’t follow random videos on the internet obvs. Do not do this if you are in pain, and stop if you feel any pain or unusual sensations. Only turn your head as far as it's comfortable to do so, please don't force it. You don't need to feel a big sensation for it to be effective. All movement, no matter how simple or gentle comes with risk of injury and I can’t see you down the phone, by doing this exercise you’re taking responsibility for your own body.)"
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Dr. Anne Collins Duch (she/her) on Instagram: "Unclench that tush.🍑 • If you are but gripping all the time, your pelvic floor may be negatively effected. • If you stretch and stretch and stretch but still find yourself clenching your butt, you may need to lengthen it in a loaded position for lasting change. • This one is for you. • #glutes #buttclenchersunite #getlungey #pelvicfloor #core #breathe #pelvichealth #buttclench #jawclench #hips"
Strengthening your hip flexors can help you maintain good posture and core stability.
•Strengthening your hip flexors can help you maintain good posture and core stability. •Can improve mobility and prevent injury. •Draw knees toward the chest. Cc _deependra_singh_shekhawat #hipmobility #hipflexorstrength #hipflexorexercises
Mobility Workout by Jay Rose. Improve strength, mobility and flexibility
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How to Loose Fat Fast
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Bulletproof Hamstrings[IG:@Vanja.moves]
Ginger & Turmeric Shots
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How to Make this 5-Ingredient Immunity Shots Recipe |