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Learn How to Make a Woven Necklace Using a DIY Loom

Woven necklace fabric bead by Roxy Taghavian on September 2015 Weaving has had a major comeback in the last year, with macrame taking a front seat in window displays and the more dens

Burlap weaving/sewing - want to do this again (1st)

First, students removed strips of burlap on all sides to create fringe. To create a space to weave, students removed two strings of burlap. Then, they used plastic needles to weave their yarn (the weft) over and under the warp. I glued small dowel r

Tutoriel DIY: Tresser un tapis mural décoratif via

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Un favorito personal de mi tienda Etsy

Made in Chile with natural wool, wood and driftwood from Lago Puyehue. Measures inches each. It takes me 3 weeks to do it and three more weeks the delivery.