Tres Leches Cake

Tres Leches Cake

Made as a backup cake if someone didn't like carrot cake. Considering that my sis-in-law kept "tasting", I'd say it's good! Pioneer Woman’s Tres Leches Cake ~ Just the cake for my bday. Oh yeah.


cazuela, un caldo con zapallo, choclo, papas, una fritanga rica y con carne o con pollo.

Cinnamon Churros

Must-Try Mexican Desserts

Recipe: Cinnamon Churros with Mexican Chocolate Dipping Sauce--These fried cookies are favorites at Mexican restaurants. Roll the warm churros in cinnamon and sugar, then enjoy!

Pan Amasado! There is just something wonderfully tasty about Chilean bread (it probably has something to do with the high fat content), I love this stuff!!!

Chilean pan amasado is a kneaded bread loved throughout Chile. Here's how to make pan amasado and enjoy this delicious bread.

Torta De Hojas - Chilean pastry cake layered with manjar (dulce de leche)

Torta De Hojas - Chilean pastry cake layered with manjar (dulce de leche). This looks like a really rich cake, I wonder if Maya would have liked this. The book never mentions a sweet tooth.

Cola de Mono:  Traditional Chilean Holiday Beverage

Cola de Mono: Traditional Chilean Holiday Beverage

Recetas Chilenas - Especial Fiestas Patrias 2015 - Receta de empanadas vegetarianas, sopaipillas, dulces chilenos y mucho más! todas con fotos del paso a paso.

Especial 18 de Septiembre

This I wasted most of the day watching anime laying on my bed, and at night I went out with friends, but the was the best day because I went to an uncle's house with my family and ate like a pig

Pollo Arvejado Chilean Food I love this Chicken Dish!! Mom used to make it all the time.

Lemon Chicken With Garlic and Wine

Traditional Chilean Pollo Arvejado in White Wine: Pollo Arvejado - Stewed Chicken with Peas

Cazuela de Pollo Receta Chilena (Chilean Recipe) //since it's a rainy day today.

Chilean stew made with chicken or beef with chunks of corn, potato, pumpkin, and small noodles. Love this Stew!

Chilean Pisco | Foods From Chile

My Chilean Pisco Sour Recipe : 1 cup of lemon juice, of chilean Pisco, white egg (optional) sugar or splenda, ice. Mix all in a mixer and enjoy it!