Tapati Rapa Nui festival, Easter islands, Polynesia

Descendent of Polynesian explorers who colonized Easter Island:Tribal Dances During Carnival, Tapati Festival, Easter Island, Chile, South America

#Orion sobre Isla de Pascua por @YBeletsky el 05 de octubre de 2016. Isla de Pascua. Publicado por: @Rainmaker1973

Orion Above Easter Island Taken by Yuri Beletsky on October 2016 @ Easter Island, Chile

Easter Island. Rapa Nui, Chile.

Easter Island -Rapu Nui (located at the geographic extremes of Oceania which is politically an integral part of Chile).

Fake moai, Easter Island, Chile

10 mysterious statues you can only see underwater

professional Rapa Nui.

professional Rapa Nui, New Zealand [NOTE: Easter Island is a special territory…