Could make for a good purse outer or dice bag - Make a Diy Mini Weaving using a clipboard as a loom

How to DIY Twine Flower With Cardboard

How to DIY Twine Flower With Cardboard

Herringbone Weave Video | The Weaving Loom

Weaving Tips

I have finished my video on how to do the herringbone weave. This video will give you a good idea of how your weft flows over and under the warp threads to create the pattern.

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Like this top; might wear it as shown or dress it up a little (Sophie Rue Grey V-Panel Top available at

Single Air Plant Hanger Weaving

Single Air Plant Hanger

Take your air plant displays to a whole new level! If you love creating terrariums, you'll love these wall hangings. They make it so easy to create intriguing air plant displays at any eye level.


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