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The Battle of The Labyrinth Provavelmente ele e a Maldição do Titã são meus bbzinhos

Heroes of Olympus - The Battle of The Labyrinth - Percy Jackson - Compliments to the artist :)

My thoughts when Piper called Percy unimpressive

I mean come on Piper, don't be stupid<< actually, I hate when people say this. Percy is impressive and all, but mainly because there's five extra books about him. Jason has done a lot too and both piper and Jason are good demigods.

Warner The creators should learn how to read

I hated it when i saw the age of percy and annabeth and when she didn't say seaweed brain the whole movie. And when she didn't say "you drool in your sleep" the actress is 27 I mean was in that movie I am just so upset over that I mean come on

Octavian..... ggrrrrrrrrr I do not like that auger

"Jason what the heck are you doing." and then I got to the last slide and I laughed so hard with realization IT'S OCTAVIAN.<<< are u kidding me Jason is dum but not that dumb!