thestylishgypsy: “ Kiowa Girl, Indian Portrait by Edward Curtis ”

mortuus-lamia: “ Kiowa Girl, Indian Portrait by Edward Curtis. Spokane Indian woman, ca. 1897 Noatak Inuit hopi girl Lakota Sioux Indian Man by Edward Curtis, ”

Mujer de la clase rica -  this image provides the opportunity to glimpse a sliver of traditional 19th century Filipino society. Taken by the Dutch photographer Francisco van Camp, who was well known in the Philippines for his extremely refined portrait shots, this photograph, of a woman with an almost other-worldly grace, well deserves the attribution " one of the most beautiful images in nineteenth-century photography."

Unknown young woman photographed in 1875 in the Philippines by Dutch photographer Francisco Van Camp. The photograph’s inscription describes her as Mestiza Sangley-Filipina, which means she was a mix of Chinese and Spanish.

La importancia del cabello largo en nuestra cultura ancestral. |

A very handsome Native North American couple, Situwuka and Katkwachsnea 1912 Native American portrait photo of Alaskan Tlingit Indians

Victimas de la Hambruna, India, finales del siglo diecinueve. : La impactante cantidad de muertes por la hambruna en la India Victoriana - alrededor de 7 millones solamente en la hambruna de 1876-78 - fue resultado de la politica Britanica de exportar comida de la India y recolectar duros impuestos aun en tiempos de serias sequias. Las importaciones de granos en Bretaña eran para mejorar las dietas de los britanicos y simultaneamente mantener estables los precios de los granos. En ...

Victimas de la Hambruna, India, finales del siglo diecinueve. - expurga_morfina

FAKE: The holocaust FACT: No, the above is a photo of the Bengal famine that hit India in

Evelyn Nesbit 1 by DALAIWMN, via Flickr

EVELYN NESBIT (December 1884 – January was the professional name of Florence Evelyn Nesbit, a popular American chorus girl and artists’ model whose liaison with renowned architect Stanford White immortalized her as "The Girl in the Red Velvet Swing.

Too often we worry about the words we use in prayer. What really counts is the spirit & intent behind our words. It is the spirit & intent that the Creator responds to. He reads & listens to our heart. Prayer isn't only when we fold our hands & pray. Prayer is when we talk to the Creator even when we are walking down a path or sitting on a hill or walking in the mountains. The Elders say, walk in prayer. We should be willing to talk with the Great One.    Art by Stephanie Campos

Retratos al carbón vegetal impresionantes

Zitkala-Sa was a Yankton Sioux woman. She was well educated, an accomplished author, musician and composer - she wrote the first American Indian opera, The Sun Opera, in She went on to work for the reform of Indian policies in the United States

Absolute Grace & Beauty. Circa 1930's. A towering headdress and plug earrings adorn a 1930s Balinese djanger dancer, part of a coed performance that was “more of popular fun than of temple dance or disciplined art,” wrote Maynard Owen Williams in his March 1939 Geographic article, “Bali and Points East.”

© Andre Roosevelt, Bali dancer A towering headdress and plug earrings adorn a Balinese djanger dancer, part of a coed performance that was “more of popular fun than of temple dance or.

Nuestra cultura lleva a la gente a creer que el estilo de pelo que llevan es una cuestión de preferencia personal; que su estilo de pelo es un asunto de moda o conveniencia y que cómo la gente llev...

El pelo es una extensión del sistema nervioso. Por qué los indios se dejaban el pelo largo.

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