Mariella Solari Gramático

Mariella Solari Gramático

Mariella Solari Gramático
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Renueva un marco de fotos simplemente cortando los viejos cds en pequeñas piezas, usando una tijera con buen filo. Pega estos "mosaicos" con silicón caliente hasta llenar toda la superficie. Puedes utilizar esta técnica para decorar cualquier objeto como macetas, espejos, mesas, cajas o lo que se te ocurra

Instead of having a traditional, boring mirror, try this cool new do-it-yourself idea! Buy a regular mirror with a colored frame. Get some old CDs and break them into a bunch of pieces, then take the pieces and hot glue them to the frame of the mirror.

paper flower love this idea on a mirror

Do you that this mirror has been embellished flowers made from egg cartons? But it’s true, you can make a bunch of flowers by egg cartons to make your mirror beautiful. It will beautify your adorn room and make it charming.

must make these for the backyard. so easy.

with the Elm Wood Pylon Candelabra. Joined together in staggered heights, these reclaimed elm wood cubes create unusual tealight holders. Their rustic elegance and weather-worn character add boldly original texture and shape to indoor or outdoor.